Ebooks are a great way to deliver information and transform your printed book into an instant marketing tool.  As our society shifts to “just Google it” from “let me give them a call”, ebooks fill an important roll of delivering your information instantly with robust interaction.The Chamber Publishing Group will design your book to be read


Street maps are a popular item in tourism markets or areas with busy downtowns.  We will design your map with a traditional layout or create a design that mimics the landscape.   Our maps are printed on durable coated stock on an easy size piece of paper and fold to a pocket size.  Advertising can be done in a number of ways including directory


Our Directories provide information and editorial about your region such as; economy, arts and culture, activities and a community description.  Photographs and important data are included with the articles.  The editorial section can range from 8-12 pages in length and we’ll list your membership alphabetically and categorically.Our experienced


If your Chamber is situated in a region that attracts travel and tourism you may want to consider our custom guide books. Sample – Link to RochesterWe’ll work with you to write articles that describe your area.  We’ll also shoot pictures and video to go along with the articles.  You have the option of including things such as calendar of ev

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Learn About Ebooks

Most of the ebooks we create for chambers of commerce are supported by advertising.


Monetize Your Directory

We guarantee a one year supply of books and your Chamber will receive a generous portion of the advertising revenue.


Interactive Maps

We create and embed QR Codes for advertisers which allow smart phone users to instantaneously obtain information.